Marion County E-911 Facts




      1)    Received its first call on February 23, 1994.

2)    Assigns all the streets addresses in Marion County.

3)    Has its own digital mapping department used to locate callers and determine emergency service areas which saves you money on your homeowners insurance.

4)    Is totally financed by the charges on your phone bills (not tax money).

5)    Uses a Computer Aided Dispatch system with a virtual, computer generated telephone system and a digital map display displaying the location of the caller on screen. The system is designed and developed by TelControl, Inc. and Geo911, Inc. This is one the best ranked systems in the country.

6)    Is happy to come into the classrooms and speak to civic organizations about the uses and benefits of 911.

7)    Is happy to schedule tours of the facilities to anyone.

8)    Dispatches 13 Fire Departments, 8 Law Enforcement Departments, 2 Emergency Medical Services, 2 Medical Helicopter Units, and numerous Rescue Squads and First Responder Units.

9)    Dispatchers are fully trained in EMD (Emergency Medical Dispatch), which allows them to give medical pre-arrival instructions such as CPR and how to control bleeding until Paramedics arrive.

10)  Answers and dispatches over 4000 emergency calls per year.



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